1911 Hi-Cap Modular Frame

The 1911 Hi-Cap Modular frame was based off of the original Tripp Research design with improvements made in contour and radial angle as well as some shooter requested enhancements. The frame rails are made within +/- .0005" parallelism to the frame body and either a Wilson/Nowlin ramp cut, Clark/Para ramp cut is included in every frame at no additional cost. They are also available in a No Ramp version. The changes made to the frame facilitate easier fitting and blending of parts and uses all common parts associated with the 1911 platform except that it requires a hi-cap trigger bow and mag release. Initially we have started production of the frames utilizing 4140 Carbon Steel. Our stoock material is cnc torched out of solid plate material. We chose to use plate material instead of bar stock because of the sulfur stringing. All steel has sulfur present. In drawn bar stock, that sulfur stringing runs laterally the length of the stock. By cutting our material out of plate, we don't incur lateral stinging that can cause stress fractures. In plate material, the sulfur deposits are cross woven through the material making it inherently stronger for this application. The steel is pre heat treated and machined in the hardened state so there is no danger of warping during a post heat treating process. In every heat treat process, multiple samples are taken and hardness is verified through sectioning and cross sectioning of the steel to insure consistent through hardening.

The Classic frame retails for $200 and the Long Dust Cover frame is $250. There are light rail versions available in both configurations. We can offer a bare frame or a complete frame kit. check out our online store at http://www.ckarms.com/store/

Dealer inquiries welcomed.